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Jay Fuego

My full name is Jason Franklin Furlong. I am a 19 year old rapper born in San Mateo, California. I live in Parkland, Florida, but am currently away in college at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida. I have played many musical instruments, including the recorder, piano, trombone, alto trombone, flugelhorn, baritone, and guitar. I also sung when I was younger and now, I rap, which is what I'm pursuing. I have gone through high level ear training and have traveled to seven different countries playing trombone in a jazz band. The rapper Hopsin is my mentor, said that I am the future of rap, and he will sign me to his record label, Funk Volume, once I blow up. The influences that originally contributed to my rapping style are old Eminem, Hopsin, SwizZz, and Huey Mack. Then I developed my own style and today, I am one of the most unique sounding rappers out there. I also give positive messages in my songs, which most rappers nowadays do not do. I have an enormous amount of passion and will do whatever it takes to make it to the top.

Lil Breezy

19 year old hip-hop artist from Syracuse, New York, Check out the music & spread the name


22 Year old rapper from Cleveland, New York. I've been writing music for a long time now, and just recorded my first two songs the other day. I've always wanted to make a change & give my daughter the best life I possibly can and I'm turning to my music to do that.

Young Jay

A young 16 year old rapper from Cleveland. New York, Young Jay grew up as a normal kid doing stupid things. At the age of 7 his parents split up  and went their separate ways.  Life got harder and the fun times were over. He moved in with his father at the age of 13 and started listening to music every day.  He memorized every one of his favorite songs by Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa because they are his inspirations.  Then he started writing his own lyrics and listening to beats and was practicing rapping.  By the age of 16, Young Jay started selling his CDs and he started to get noticed.

Gratiot Park

Individuals who have minds of success.
100% Hip Hop
Str8 Outta PH, Michigan. #Positivity #Determination
[email protected]
[email protected]


HOMEBASE Music Group is an independent record label based out of Durham, NC. comprised of art istdisplaying an dazzling array of talent . Raw vocals, head nodding beats, and DJing skills are only the tip o fthe iceberg when discussing the HMG camp. Be on the lookout for upcoming projects. The current roster of HMG: Loot -Tenant Trax, DJ Steel Wheel, Swayze Jones.


* PARENTAL ADVISORY *After serving 5 years in Prison, AGER, hailing from SouthWest London, came out to hurt the underground without having professional studio time or even putting out a HD Video! He has achieved over a 100,000 online hits pretty much through word of mouth, which should show the quality of this artist .
A number of his underground releases have been embedded on and at present his mixtape,THE WARNING, is number 6 in the UK Hiphop Most Popular Chart , on BandCamp, and number 40 in the Best Selling.
This is Music for the ILL & Wicked. Disgustingly Beautiful & Violently Sick British HipHop from the London Underground!
Support your local Criminal. Hit the videos up like a drunk chick with Daddy issues and Spread that shit like it 's STDs haha. Peace
Support REAL Music

J.O.S. (Jump Out Squad)

J.O.S. started practicing and developing their abilities as entertainers around 2008 with five members from Montevallo, Alabama. The group roster at the time included: Expo, Gator Man, Freeze, Bake and lil’ V. They were known as Navy Seals. Over time, Lil’ V was no longer in the group. however, the other four members stayed together and continued on.
They would gather and practice their developing talent to become what is known as J.O.S. (Jump Out Squad), gaining valuable experience both recording and performing live at numerous venues around the area. The University of Montevallo Auditorium, the college retreat, several area night clubs and the BJCC (Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center) are among a few.

JT Cotton

JT’s journey started in church at the age of 2, when he first touched the piano. Being subjected and surrounded by music at such a young age he developed into a well rounded musician from keyboards, trumpet player & drumming. In his early teens JT started
creating tracks, writings songs and beginning to develop his vocals. In the summer of1999, JT decided to join the youth national choir at church and he took off  from there. Up to the present time JT has entertained many diverse audiences as a solo artist , lead/background vocalist and as a musician. As a recording artist and songwriter JT has been featured on various music projects and collaborated with many talents. JT's deep love for music and the vision has been clear inhis mind since the age of 14. "I was born a star for apurpose. That ult imate purpose is being a service."
Influences: R. Kelly, The Whispers, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Sade, Freddie Jackson, Johnny Gill, Phil Collins, Luther Vandross, Peabo Bryson, Gap Band, Jaheim,Madonna, Donell Jones, Mint Condition, Musiq Soulchild, Mariah Carey, Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass, Joe, Anita Baker, Avant , Jodeci & Many More
For inquiries: Email - [email protected]

Nuce da Lynchman 

Born August 19th, 1984, DeMorris Flannigan, a Rockford Illinois native, he has been around the globe, spending most of his time in the Midwestern region. Growing up in a family of musicians, DeMorris became a musician at a very young age.Being eager to learn, he began playing drums under the direction of his father, by the age of 7. DeMorris played for the University of White Water in Wisconsin as well as the University of Notre Dame at the age of 12. His work ethic is incomparable; this work ethic has fabricated working relationships with producer Suede Johnson, J. Keyes Production Team, The Basement Boys as well as a number of other MCs, to name a few. From some of these collaborations, at the age of 13, the alter ego "Nuce Da Lynchman" was born. Music has always been a strong pulse in the life of Nuce. He has showcased his talent and trademark of music and lyrics from elements of Jazz, Soul, R&B,Hip Hop, Rock, Blues, and Salsa/Latin and many others.Being a young energized MC Nuce started out very aggressive and confident, and determined aname and face for himself. His diverse following ranges from school age to the golden years, andeveryone else in between! Being inspired by various artists and genres of music, as a drummer, Nuce began to commercialize himself, making music for them asses, and became a dominating force in Hip Hop. Nuce continues to be a driving force in the music industry, striving to make a path for the next generation! You will definitely hear more from Nuce, so stay tuned! His titles include but are not limited to songwriter, musician, producer, artist, performer,and professional drummer.DeMorris "Nuce" Flannigan doesn't just do music, he is music!

Alesi Summer

My name is Alesi Summer I'm a 12 year old Singer/Songwriter/Performer from Birmingham UK, I have always been Passionate about performing; the stage is where I feel most at home. My focus and direction changed around 2 years ago when I entered my first singing competition I decided this was the direction I wanted to go in, my ultimate dream now is to become a world class recording artist.
In the short time Alesi has been singing she has built up a considerable Fan base especially on YouTube Facebook and Twitter.
Alesi loves to perform live and can be found most weekends at one venue or another, whether it is charity events, competitions or just for fun the stage is her home.
Most recently Alesi has started writing her own songs, with her confidence growing and her guitar playing improving I feel an Alesi summer original maybe just round the corner.

Presenting Sober

Since an early age, Sober has had the talent 2 take the
world by storm...age14-16 Sober was a regular guest on
then popular radio station 'delight fm' performing a live set before oxide and neutrino. influenced at the time by house and garage, MCing was the road to take,,regularly performing at raves and hotspots Sober made his name locally and was a sought after artist. Age17-18 got influenced into hip hop and rap and decided to form his own record label consisting of various artists called HNZ entertainment.. then slowing down his tempo of MCing to rap and straight away started recording his 1st mixtape Fighting My Way Through.Age 18-20 recorded his 2nd mixtape, 'Blood,Sweat and Tears,' and was performing various songs from the mixtapes at various
spots but chose not to release the mixtapes as it did not
reflect his true talent. Sober released his debut street album 'Fighting My Way Through Da Official Disk' on 15th December 2010 via itunes & performing around London and UK to promote his material at places like Plymouth and music showcase's and events in london whilst releasing videos on YouTube. He has also just released his next mixtape '2nd to none' for 2011, both album and mixtape downloads are below. He is looking to establish himself in the UK music scene.. So show your support and listen to the voice of the streets there's a lot to come.


Nico, real name Nick Harris, is a British rap artist /Singer-Songwriter based in London.
Born in 1986, Nico started Rapping in his teenage years as a hobby in his hometown of Plymouth,Devon. His Strong lyrical skills and deliverance earned him credit as well as an underground fan base.Nico relocated to London in 2008.Nico has worked alongside English Film Director Jake West - "DogHouse", who Filmed and directed Nico's Music Video 'WITHOUT YOU'. Nico has also worked alongside BAFTA nominated British Film Composer and Music Producer Simon Boswell. Nico is currently working on his mixtape which will be released in 2013.You can find Nico regularly performing in venues across London.

Brandon Evilla Music

Since 2009, working musician Brandon Evilla has aspired to independently write, perform and record songs that are both honest and accessible. As a solo artist the music is simplistic and creates a no-nonsense, down to earth sound with catches and hooks that you will find stuck in your head for days. Look for a brand new EP in 2013!

Orange Peel

Orange Peel is a rock band which was born in Gibraltar on early 2009. After winning both the Gibraltar and Sotogrande Battle of the Bands they recorded their debut album called "Bing Bing". On February 2013 they released a video for their first single "Little Creature" receiving 3000 hits up to date. Their long awaited album was released on the 12th May 2013 with a big album launch party that took place at the Rock on the Rock Club in Gibraltar.

Tre Mob Records

Independent Michigan Music

"It's not a movement it's a lifestyle"

TRE MOB RECORDS consists of MackTre, TM, LEX, Louie, and DayDay

Justin Dearborn

Justin Dearborn is a teen pop recording artist from Boston, Massachusetts.

Buy his brand new EP on iTunes here:


T.J. Aligood (Born July 15, 1992), better know by his stage name T-Murda LaFlame is an inspired artist/musician native to East Dublin, GA. He began rapping at the age of 13. In the year of 2009he formed a group known as 478 Money Over Everything Ent. 478 M.O.E. consists of close peers who are chasing the same dreams as him. Members of 478 M.O.E. include: Lil G33K, Docta, Young Gudda, Young Yoppa, and Snyp. Pouring blood, sweat, and tears into every track. Long nights and hard work in the studio is all LaFlame and 478 M.O.E. knows. Growing up in the city limits of East Dublin, better known as The E, was not and still isn't a "Walk in The Park" for LaFlame. All he has seen during his life were drug addicted peers and senseless violence. He reaches deep into his music to escape the harsh realities of his environment. There's so much passion in every studio session with LaFlame. To create something great for the streets is a good feeling for LaFlame. That's exactly what he aims for. Making music for the streets.  If you support 478 M.O.E. in the future they will have you covered.

Porcelain Clocks

Porcelain Clocks brings all inspirations to the table. A listen to their debut, "Mirror is Calling", makes one realize that writing what they like to listen to and play is more important than being defined by cliches, formulas, and templates. How could such diverse modern acts like Radiohead, Muse, Deftones, and Kings of Leon continue to satisfy themselves as artists, if they continued the same album time and again? Each artist makes the music they love, for the audience that loves them. 2013 will bring the next step in forward thinking music, Porcelain Clocks. Mirror is Calling EP - Coming Spring 2013.


Young 18 Rapper from Newark NJ. Signed to Motivated Inc.
SGSMG . Reppin PBM. Operation Success

Str8 Ca$h

A Group Of Talented Group Of Artist Tryna Make It .!


DeShaun Gales aka ?uestion, (Quest for short) was born

and raised in the

Northeast section of the Bronx, NY. He grew up on

Bronxwood Avenue

and 217th street; it was there that his love for Hip-Hop

originated. When

Quest was a teenager, a childhood friend named J-Class

came to his block

with a cassette tape of his music. He was rapping over an

old school beat

that he recorded on a karaoke machine. Quest heard it and

decided he

wanted to create one as well. That day was the beginning of

the rest of

his life.

Quest was introduced to music at a young age. His uncle,

who was an

established jazz bassist for the legendary Thelonious

Monk, heavily

influenced his musical ambitions. He spent his summers in


around such jazz legends as Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious

Monk, Miles

Davis, and Marla Gibbs, to name a few.At a tender age he

began writing

rhymes & practiced rapping in the mirror. In just a short time

he became

well know for his metaphors, punch lines and clever

Jay Stylez


"Richie Auriemma will take your ears on a folk & roots

musical tour from my home state (Washington, in the Great

Northwest) that will make your heart cry & sing in equal

degrees, particularly on tunes like (one of my faves), "Blue

Eyes Cryin". When I first moved to Olympia in the late '70's,

the town was (& to some degree it still is) a Mecca for longhaired hippie types that sang music much like this, often

fueled by tons of espresso & other stimulants. So listening

to Richie's vocals & lyrics takes me back to much friendlier

times; times full of energy & light, as well as "message". My

favorite track for that kind of nostalgia, actually, is "Okay (So

Stoned)"... Stratocaster effects, with his vocal somewhat

submerged, like if you were in a submarine, you know, will

give you that good ol' "contact high" you've been lookin' for

ever since the early '90's, when "PC" took over the world &

chased all those great street musicians off the street



Hip Hop Instrumental Beats with Depth The Power of

Imagination Makes Us Infinite #Freedom #Unity #Awareness



I started the rap shit at the age of 8 now I'm 17 and I'm

blowing up all over the world


Born in Michigan 1993.

Cancer Survivor

Certified Audio Engineer